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Have you always dreamed of a Honeymoon or
Intimate Wedding on the Beach?
Each Honeymoon & Wedding is Special & Unique,
Just like the Two of You!
Rather than fitting you into “our plans”
Tell us what “You” would like to do
& We’ll help You Make your “Dreams Come True”

Champagne, Chocolates, Cake, Chaplain, Catering,
Photographer, Flowers & Final Touches
Whatever you would like to see…
We’ll try to make it a Reality!
(Each Honeymoon or Wedding is Priced Individually)

Photos on this page are taken by

Trish Kreitz


"A Moment to Remember Photography"

Visit her website at or call her at 902-827-2712 for a free consultation

Trish specializes in Wedding & Portrait Photography & is especially talented at catching those spontaneous candid moments. She loves to do photography on the beach with adults & children.
If you are planning a small intimate wedding (under 25 people) then give us a call and we will try and make your dream come true.